Optics Cut


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Optics Cut


Our Red Dot cut is milled to a depth of .160″ which includes front recoil posts and mounting screws.

Screws supplied are (2) #6-32×3/8″. Both are safe to use on the extractor side of the slide. A T10 bit is needed for install.

We do not charge extra for disassembly/reassembly, if you send your entire slide assembly we will install the sights for you.

If you include new sights we will install the new ones at no charge.

Please contact us at info@nnprecision.org if your slide model is not listed.

The customer’s slides are required for this service. Please attach purchase order and send to:

No Name Precision
656 Auzerais Ave. #C
San Jose, Ca. 95126

(408) 320-2214


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